Brack Attack™
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About us

Class Act Sports, LLC is a unique sports media company that focuses on going “Beyond the Game” and “Behind the Scenes” to give fans and viewers an inside look at “Class Act” athletes on and off the field.


Class Act Sports and Brack Attack’s mission is to provide sports fans and college hoops fanatics a new fantasy contest and platform to select teams in their bracket that will keep participants engaged throughout the entire tournament! Don’t let one team bust your bracket!

Company Insight

Looking to expand its unique offerings, Class Act Sports is also adding new fantasy sports contests to its repertoire. Launching in March 2015, Brack Attack™ is the first of many fantasy sports contests that will be presented by Class Act Sports. Brack Attack ™ is a must for all basketball and college hoops fans, especially for anyone who fills out multiple brackets each year in the month of March!


Brack Attack™ will keep participants engaged in the tourney until the very last game! Pick 16 teams – one from each seed number 1-16. Accumulate points every time one of your selected teams advances in the tourney. There is a designated point total at each seed level and points double each round teams advance. Don't let one team bust your bracket! A participant can still win this contest even without selecting the winning team of the tournament. Register and participate for a FREE chance to win $1,000! Teams are announced March 12. Must be 18 or over to register. See Rules for more details.